December 28, 2023

Development of an SMS marketing platform

SMS Point is an experienced and versatile service provider from Germany that has specialized in the SMS marketing segment. We support customers of all industries and sizes and develop unique campaigns in B2B and B2C marketing based on the medium of short messages.

Stack: Java, JavaScript, Angular

Currently, a smartphone is an indispensable companion in both personal and professional spheres. Therefore, the SMS environment is ideal for direct contact with clients, potential customers, and business partners. The range of possible applications varies from meeting confirmations to advertising and special offers, as well as sharing links to forms. SMS Point will show you how easy and cost-effective it is to organize mass SMS distribution within your company.

SMS Point is a strategic partner that will assist you in developing campaigns and using SMS as a universal tool. We will also introduce you to software that allows you to quickly and easily organize your marketing campaigns. Our goal is to make automated message sending as simple and effective for you as possible.

SMS Point's clients include commercial companies and marketing agencies looking to offer their clients an enhanced service. We work trustfully, professionally, and always focus on the individual needs of the customer. We would be delighted to show you how the SMS environment can assist you!

The Challenge

We created a functional MVP that demonstrated promising market support but required specific design and engineering capabilities to address key issues and take it to the next level.

One challenge was integrating with various telecommunications operators to strengthen its presence in Europe.

Additionally, the product initially lacked the reliability and performance necessary to support rapid growth. There were many improvements and new features in the backlog, but maintaining and expanding the product proved difficult.

The Solution

We took on the challenge and began working on a user-friendly interface and developing technical architecture to enhance performance and serviceability.

Simultaneously, we embarked on another path of integration with Vodafone.

We continued to provide ongoing technical support to maintain a growing user base and started working on features aimed at ensuring a delightful UX for both retail staff and customers.

Among them, we can mention full autonomous support and bill splitting.

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